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Car Hire in North America

Thinking about a holiday to America? One of the best ways to see the many sights and sounds is by car. National, known throughout America, has an excellent network of over 315 pick and drop-off points across the country, including many major American airports. So why not pre-book one of their fleet today and enjoy a hassle-free holiday?

Choose National Car Rental in America

As the home of the Ford Motor Company and birthplace of the drive-in movie, America has had a long love affair with the car. In fact, its well-built roads, roomy parking lots and varied landscape lend themselves to car travel, which is why many visitors to America prefer to travel by car.

What's more, car travel allows you a lot more freedom and independence, allowing you to go off the beaten track and have a much more spontaneous holiday experience.

Road trips in the USA

Touring America by car allows you to appreciate everything that America has to offer, from the icy wilderness of Alaska in the north to the deserts of New Mexico in the south.

Why not take a drive along the famous historic Route 66, from Chicago to Los Angeles, or visit Canada's Niagara Falls via a drive through upstate New York, with some leisurely stops around its many lakes and mountains?

Choice of destination

Alternatively, a cruise through the American 'deep-south' gives tourists the chance to explore the many musical enclaves and enchanting plantation homes found in the area, along with the opportunity to take in the unusual beauty of places such as the Everglades swamp around Florida. A visit to Disneyland in Florida is also much easier by car, especially with excited young children in tow.

Other sights and sounds best experienced by car include San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, a tour of California's Napa Valley, a wine-growing area made famous in the indie hit movie, 'Sideways,' as well as America's famous beauty spots such as Yosemite National Park or the forests around Seattle.

Whatever your choice of route or final destination, National car hire has a car that is right for you. Why not browse their wide range of air-conditioned and spacious cars online, to fulfil your travel needs? In addition, National is also affiliated to many airline and travel company loyalty programmes.

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