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Sao Paulo 04543000

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Av President Juscelino, KUBITSCHEK, 790, Sao Paulo 04543000, BR

+55 11 3073-0321

Arrival Directions

Take the ramp left onto Avenida Washington Luís; Continue to Vd João Julião da Costa Aguiar Continue to Av Guimarães Moreira Continue to Av Ruben Berta; Continue to Av Twenty-Third of May; Take the exit toward Av Radial East-West Turn right onto East-West Avenue Radial; Continue to Vd East-West. Continue to Vd on Rio Tamanduateí Continue to Av Alcântara Machado; Keep left to continue toward Vd Alcântara Machado Continue to Vd Alcântara Machado Continue to Av Alcântara Machado; Turn right on R. Uriel Gaspar Turn left at R. Tobias Barreto Continue to R. Padre Adelino; Turn left at Av Salim Turn right on R. Restinga Continue to R. crystals R. Crystal makes a left turn and becomes R. Alm. Calheiros Turn right on R. Gonçalves Crespo. Continue to the counter to obtain your rental agreement.

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