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Croatia is a land of delectable delights. The locals take their dining as seriously as they do their beachside living, and it’s a lifestyle that begs you to immerse yourself in its lazy Mediterranean days. If you’re going there on business, you’ll be tempted by the sedate lifestyle, so arrange some cheap car hire from National to support an extended, leisurely trip.

Things to See and Do in Croatia

Croatia’s coastline is speckled with Mediterranean islands and pebble-littered beaches. Windsurfing, diving and snorkelling are perfect ways to survive the midday sun in style. If you’re travelling via car rental, you can drive along the massive Dinaric Alps snuggled against the coast. The lake district is perfect for more water sports. The antiquity of the region is reflected by its Ancient Roman churches and Napoleonic forts. Historic tours will introduce you to the area’s spectacular architecture and past, while the urban centre of Zagreb acts as the Adriatic’s artistic centre. The quirky Museum of Broken Relationships is well worth a visit, as is the Galerika Nova art gallery. Street art is vibrant in Croatia, so you’ll get to see projects evolve right in front of your eyes. After the sun goes down, the streets turn into foodie heaven under sparkling city lights.

A Holiday by Car in Croatia

Croatia manages to fit several worlds into one country. Travel the cheap way via our car hire services, and we’ll give you tips and recommendations about your stay so that you derive as much joy from the country as possible. Croatia is the capital of ‘slow food’, so you’re best off travelling under your own steam. This is not a country for stiff itineraries and strict schedules – if Croatia can’t teach you to be lazy, nothing can.

Famous Road Trips to Take in Croatia

Croatia’s road trips are legendary. The landscapes are among the most exquisite on the Dalmatian Coast. Any road trip should include Zadar, Split and Krka National Park. The Split-Hvar-Dubrovnik route is a tourist’s dream, but if you prefer to see the grittier underbelly of the area, use car rental to travel from Zagreb to Dubrovnik. This will take you past the Plitvice lakes and fortress walls of Zadar, Alfred Hitchcock's favourite place to watch the sunset. The route takes you to Murter Island, one of the quietest spots in the area. The alternative route up the Western coast is highly recommended if you enjoy natural scenery and truffles. National will provide your cheap car hire, but book online for even better rates.

The Croatian philosophy of life has everything to do with serene, slow, well-catered days. It’s so much a part of life that it has its own word: “pomalo.” You might be going on business, but you’ll soon find yourself immersed in the tranquillity.

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