Customers with Disabilities

Access to our rental services

National is committed to providing accessible services for all of its customers RENTING WITHIN THE UNITED KINGDOM including those with disabilities. We take our responsibilities in this area very seriously and interact with disability organisations , charities and our customers to learn more of the needs to people with disabilities and to improve the services we offer. We work hard to make sure whenever possible our branches are accessible and that we make all reasonable adjustments, including the delivery of vehicles to your location, at all branches to allow customers with disabilities access to our vehicles and services.

If your requirements are not covered in the information provided here then please call us on Freephone at 0800-633-5665 or email us at Our staff will be happy to learn of your requests and to do our very best to meet your needs. We are keen to improve and welcome your feedback and comments.

Hand Control Driving Devices

National is happy to provide vehicles with hand controls for our customers with disabilities. These are provided at no additional charge and are ready within 48 hours of making the reservation.

Surrogate Drivers

Customers with disabilities who do not hold a driving licence can still rent with National Car Rental when accompanied by a driver who presents a valid licence. Minimum age restrictions and other normal rental qualifications apply, but there is no additional charge for the stand-in driver, who will not need to produce a credit card or be required to meet our financial underwriting requirements.

If You Wish to Rent Specially Adapted Vehicles

Whilst National Car Rental does not offer permanently adapted vehicles in many areas, speciality companies offer vehicles with permanent adaptions. Details of these companies can be obtained by contacting the above telephone number or emailing us at . Whilst they are not affiliated to National Car Rental or any of its subsidiaries, we are happy to assist you in exploring the services that they offer.

To Make a Reservation

To discuss your requirements further or to make a reservation using Freephone at 0800-633-5665 or email us at