Where can I use the EXPRESSTOLL toll service?


You can use EXPRESSTOLL on all toll motorways across the Republic of Ireland, including the M50 free flow. Your EXPRESSTOLL electronic toll tag will allow you to pass through any toll lane, including regular barriered lanes, express lanes and non-barriered electronic toll lanes.

For the express toll lanes, you will need to slow down, but you will not need to stop, for the barrier to open. If the express toll lane is too busy, you can choose to use a regular toll lane. The EXPRESSTOLL service will work but, in this case, you will need to stop for approximately 5 seconds for the barrier to open.

For a complete list and map of toll locations, please visit our Toll Coverage page at www.expresstollgo.com.

The EXPRESSTOLL toll tag cannot be used to pay for parking or car wash services.



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